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Cassidy Flynn MA


 EMDR | Trauma Therapy | Anxiety | Depression | Mental Health

I work with
10 years old and older
Highly Sensitive Person
Art Therapy

$115: Individual Therapy
$135: Family Therapy
Insurance Accepted
Master of Art in Art Therapy & Counseling from Drexel University
EMDR Training (October 2022)

Languages spoken

She/ Her

Who Am I

As an HSP (highly sensitive person), I’ve often been called “too sensitive.” If that resonates with you, I’m truly sorry. You are not being dramatic, or overexaggerating. You are feeling. Each person has a different emotional threshold for the stimuli around them. I take great care to assess emotional tolerance levels when working with people, and help them find strength within that sensitivity.  My goal is to facilitate a non-judegmental, comfortable, and confidential space to express and unpack whatever it is that brings a person to therapy. I like to use humor in therapy because it can ease tension, strengthen the therapeutic alliance, and I believe that it’s okay to be both silly and serious in the same session.

I am an art therapist & counselor, animal lover, indie music superfan, and mixed media artist who dabbles in everything but focuses on printmaking and painting.

I help people explore their emotions and heal through creative expression. Art therapy is an evidence-based, trauma-informed tool that I use to help my clients discover, organize, interpret, express, and resolve or accept their emotions.

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