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Learning and growing as an EMDR therapist is an ongoing process. Whether you're just starting out or have been practicing for years, there are always new skills and techniques to learn, and new opportunities for personal and professional growth.


During the consultation process, we will work together to establish your consultation goals, review each phase of the model, identify potential challenges, analyze case studies, and engage in role-playing exercises. By doing so, you will gain greater clarity and confidence in supporting your clients.


EMDR Consultation will be facilitated by Kayla Schubert-Wirth.  Kayla is an EMDRIA Certified Therapist,  Consultant-in Training (is able to provide 15/20 hours for EMDR Certification), and a coach with Thrive Learning. Kayla specializes in the following areas:

  • EMDR Intensives

  • Developmental Trauma

  • Attachment Wounds 

  • Sexual Trauma

  • ​First Responders

  • Recent Events

Fee: $125/ consultation meeting (5-hour minimum)

Consultation is not supervision.  Supervision implies that the “supervisor” has primary responsibility for the client’s outcome in treatment.  In some states, the supervisee can only practice under the license of the “supervisor.”  The supervisor carries a legal, ethical, and clinical responsibility/liability for the supervisee.  In contrast, consultation is a collaborative relationship between two mental health professionals.  The Consultant values the integrity and independence of the individual who is consulting with her or him.  The Consultee maintains primary responsibility for the decisions involving treatment for his or her client.  Therefore, the Consultant only offers information, suggestions, and other considerations regarding the utilization of EMDR therapy and never makes demands of the Consultee beyond the Consultant’s domain.


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