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Michelle Varra-White MSS, LCSW

They/ she

Headshot 2023.jpeg

I work with

11 years old and older

$135: Individual Therapy
$165: Family Therapy
Insurance Accepted
Most Out-of-State BCBS Plans

Masters of Social Services, Bryn Mawr College
Licensed Clinical Social Worker 

Advanced Training
EMDR Basic Trained (March 2021)

Languages spoken

Who Am I

I am a Licensed Social Worker and EMDR trained Therapist and I hold a Master of Social Service degree from Bryn Mawr College. I have been working with

individuals, couples, and families for over 20 years in various capacities.

Inspired by authentic connection and collaborative work, I strive to create a brave and non-judgmental space, whether in person or virtually, where clients can be curious and explore their journey of healing that is often times the hardest to start alone. I also consider it a privilege to hold a client's confidence and as such I honor a client’s self-determination to choose the therapeutic vibe that is right for them.

My practice is rooted in social justice, harm reduction, liberation, and collective healing, as injustice and oppression can profoundly impact our lives. My

approach to healing and recovering from trauma is eclectic in nature, using an array of psychodynamic approaches. I pay much attention to what shows up in the present moment, integrating somatic and relational awareness to deeply internal and unconscious cognitions while also encouraging a curiosity for sensations experienced by our bodies. I am passionate about supporting a client’s process,

centering the pace needed by a client for their healing, while also being aware of when immediate tools and solutions are needed for relief.

Identifying as both Latiné and Queer, I am able to connect with my own cultural background and lived experiences to support clients in navigating sexual,

gender, and cultural healing. I also make space for the need for alternate ways of healing and knowing. Keeping this in mind, I provide the opportunity for ancestral connections, stories, knowledge, and practices as forms of healing. I hold experience

and passion for working with adolescents and adults who are seeking support and collaboration in the exploration of identity and relationships including poly/kink experiences. For those seeking gender-affirming care, I can provide assessment, support, and letters. I also hold passion for collaborating with other Social Workers and Clinicians in their own healing experiences. The focus of my work includes

collaborating with clients in navigating the healing of emotional wounds, trauma, anxiety, depression, as well as other challenges that one might encounter, through which we can bring wisdom, compassion, empathy, and a deeper insight into our

unique journeys.

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