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So You're Telling Me That's Not Typical?

Were holidays an absolute shit show due to a parent getting drunk and becoming angry? Did a parent ever yell at a server due to them not serving alcohol because they were visibly intoxicated? Would you ask your parent nicely "how many drinks did you have?" and get belittled due to questioning them? Would you hide or pretend you were sleeping when they got home so you didn't have to deal with them? Maybe everyone in the community thought they were "so much fun" but you would get intense dread and anxiety knowing when you got home all hell was going to break loose?

Does this sound like situations that you have experienced growing up, but felt too scared or that this was just your "typical" home life? You are't alone and this is not TYPICAL . Forgetting, ignoring, and minimizing these events that have occurred are already pathogenic memories and I bet you handle situations with self-doubt, self-blame, or a sense of being wrong.

Did you just feel personally attacked? If so, I did my job. Until next time.

#IWillNotBeSilenced #SoThisIsntNormal #FamilyDysfunction #FamilyAddiction #MultigenerationalTrauma #IsThisTrauma #LCSW #Awareness


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