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It’s not easy being a teenager today. In the age of influencers, social media, and unrealistic expectations, it’s easy for teens to fall into habits of comparing themselves to others or feeling like they are not enough.

While it is totally normal to have good and bad days when it comes to self-esteem, if you are often feeling:

  • anxiety

  • insecurity

  • sadness

  • loneliness

  • worthlessness

  • all-or-nothing thinking

…it may be time to seek therapy about it!

This art therapy group will focus on healthy coping skills, emotional regulation, neutralizing self-image, & ways to practice self-love and self-compassion.

Group members will keep an independent art journal which they will utilize between sessions and share its contents with the group if they choose. We will also work on art prompts inside the journal during sessions.

Materials needed:

Empty notebook or sketchbook

Pencil or pen


Colored pencils, markers, crayons

Paint (acyrlic or gouache)

Collaging materials (magazines, scissors, glue)

No art experience is needed!

Group will be facilitated by Cassidy Flynn MA and she is supervised by Kayla Schubert-Wirth CW21518


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